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I needed someone to come in and do some training, he covered relational security for me.

It is the first time we have used this training company and every feedback form from over twenty staff said he was engaging, he made it enjoyable and theyd like him to come and do more training, and he was very reasonably priced.

You could see how passionate he was and how professional but down to earth he was.

Thank you Andrew my team really enjoyed it and when they enjoy it they learn better so thank you.

St Andrew's Healthcare

On Hand Training & Security we’re booked In for a large amount of training that took place at Henshaws College. A few courses to name were Epilepsy, Oxygen Therapy and PEG. Andy was very punctual and organised, allowing enough time to set up his training room. Andy was extremely knowledgeable and we have had fantastic feedback from staff. Andy went above and beyond for us, and provided additional support for staff when it came to practical elements within the training courses. Training was also made bespoke to meet Henshaws Policies and Procedures which was great, having the confidence that staff were trained correctly. Andy’s Co workers were also very knowledgeable and friendly. We at Henshaws would like to thank On Hand Training & Security for their outstanding training and we will be sure to continue using you for our training needs in the near future.

Henshaws College

Testimonials: Testimonials

i just wanted to thank you for yesterday's training and the manner in which you conveyed so much information so effectively. I found the whole session to be really beneficial as I know did the staff.

You are clearly very knowledgeable in your area and it was great to have such a clear and direct steer in a training session. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future


Registered Manager/ Rheolwraig Cofrestredig

Ty Brian

Testimonials: Text

Andy makes the training fun and relevant to the needs of the clients services.we have been using Andy for a couple of years,he keeps himself and others informed in relevant changes in legislations.All our staff team look forward to his training and come away feeling more confident in dealing with conflict management in a professional manner.Can not recommended Andy enough.

Vicky Simpson 

Director VCare24

Testimonials: Text

The course was ran really well and very professional, Andy the course instructor went above and beyond for all the students that attended. There was not one question that went unanswered, thus showing the wealth of knowledge he has in this line of field.


First aid, fake IDs, how a Door supervisor operates, self-defence, showing the course all types of equipment from counter fit money to homemade weapons and how things are altered to hide contraband substances was all ‘on hand’ training.

Going forward I will be recommending people to attend this course.

JF, Plymouth

I am writing to convey my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the wonderful week-long course that you conducted at the Royal Citadel. The instructor Andrew was really intelligent and had a wealth of experience that we could glean really important information from that would otherwise take us years of practice, trial and error. He was not just a great teacher but also a wonderful human being, a rare stock of man to be found in these times of great change and upheaval of the old order, one among a dying breed of men this great country once produced. His understanding and knowledge of how things actually work in the real world make him a subject matter expert in this field. He only adds value to your organisation and course which makes it worth every penny spent. I consider myself very privileged to have worked under him and learnt from him. 

The course really opens your eyes to the dangers that exist in the world that you otherwise do not really take into consideration. It raises awareness about how any individual should react in emergency situations and to be prepared to deal with any untoward situation in public spaces. I have personally learnt to not take anyone or anything at face value and of the fact that looks can be deceiving. It is always best to be cautious and this training course is the best way to raise your awareness and be prepared to deal with any problematic situations while dealing with public security. 

A T, Plymouth 

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